FlashPaste Pro 4.5

Powerful copy and paste tool


  • Extends Windows clipboard infinitely
  • Very easy to operate


  • Would be useful to know how many clips you have made


If you're a copy and paste freak or spend half your life having to cut and paste from one application to another, then Flashpaste could be what you've been looking for.

This is an advanced copy and paste editor which basically gives you far more power to perform the kind of tasks that Windows rudimentary clipboard can't. In fact, if you're a writer or programmer, you really shouldn't be without this program because it makes working with the clipboard a much more rewarding experience than it normally is. There are two main appeals to Flashpaste - template insertion and code repetition. Rather than writing the same old things over and over again While writing e-mails or creating documents, you often have to write the same old phrases and requests. Flashpaste allows you to store predefined greetings, e-mail addresses and URLs so that you need never waste time writing the same old things over and over again. Flashpaste is also a very handy tool for web developers because it has a special cut and paste tool for HTML that makes organising chinks of code much easier than usual. You can see at a glance, what code you have and what it can be used for.

You've got no excuse for tearing your hair out with Windows limited clipboard anymore since Flashpaste takes cutting and pasting to a new level.

Flashpaste is a new breed of text copying utilities that are overtaking millions of PCs worldwide. While regular built-in Windows clipboard is sufficient enough for most computer users, writers, coders and developers need a more powerful, easily customizable and practical tool. Flashpaste is certainly all that and more.

Essentially, Flashpaste has two very important features. The first one is smart text insertion. While writing e-mails or creating documents, people frequently copy & paste the same words, phrases, greetings, e-mail addresses and URLs.



FlashPaste Pro 4.5

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